Ben’s site is down

Until Ben’s site is back, many of us need a new place for daily inspiration and motivation. I hope this site can provide a safe place to share teaching ideas.


9 responses to “Ben’s site is down

  1. Thanks for doing this, Michele. I begin school Tuesday. The kids start in earnest next Monday, so I delighting in the benefit of reading the posts from all of you who are already in the process!


  2. I just want to echo chill’s (Hi, Carol) thanks – and also thank you for letting me know you’ve started the blog. Let’s hope that whatever the issue is with Ben’s blog gets resolved soon – there was so much valuable input there. Of course, this also highlights the danger of having everything at a single source: if something happens, it’s gone.

    Maybe if people have saved information from Ben’s blog they could share it here?

    Thanks again, Michele!


  3. I agree with all of the above. Thanks so much Michele for opening up another line of communication; I certainly have missed the constant flow of ideas myself and find myself drawing on them quite a bit here at the beginning of school.

    Thanks again!


  4. Awesome Michele! I’ll be looking forward to your posts. – Stephen


  5. Thank you for doing this Michele! It’s great! I hope you continue even though Ben’s blog is back up!


    • Well…let me know! My Alaskan teachers have been telling me they love reading about what other people do in their rooms, so I thought this could be helpful for me as well as others. I just don’t know whether it might not be better to contribute to Ben’s and Thomas’ blogs, rather than to add to the site visits!


      • I love that you’re doing it too, and I don’t mind having another site. you, Ben, Laurie, Thomas, Michel, Stephen… Each one is unique and irreplaceable. You give a voice to people that Ben will never meet. And you have important things to say yourself! … SGS (student-generated stories) revived my class today… It was great. It was just what we all needed… a chance for students to offer their creativity and new spanish skills to our class community and a great review.

        and I love peeking into the Alaskan classrooms too, as long as it doesn’t get to be overwhelming for you.

        and you can still “publish” things through Ben’s site when they *really* need to reach everyone.

        Thanks again!


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