Karen C.

Karen C offered this lesson for our perusal. Hope others will want to share their lesson ideas too!

TPRS One Word Story Plan Development:

First days of the story: Flesh out the main character by asking questions: (Actually, I had the kids figure out that the main character was a snail by making them ask me questions until they guessed the answer. Then it was my turn to ask the questions to find out more information about him. The kids suggested names, and the one that cracked me up became the name, etc. If the kids got stuck on anything, I simply said that the snail was not normal, and that loosened them up a bit as they tried to think of reasons why the snail wasn’t normal. Sometimes I said something was “impossible!” and the kids again were inspired to convince me that a thing WAS possible and how, which often cracked me up again, so we went with it)

• What is the main character? (a snail)
• What is his name? (Trevor – a kid in class)
• Is he big or small? (big)
• Why? (he eats his vitamins)
• How old is he? (2 days)
• When is his birthday? (August 18, 2010)
• What color is he? (he’s multicolor: grey, white, green, yellow)
• Where does he live? (the garden)
• What sport does he like to play? (basketball)
• Who is his best friend? (A cat named Iyro – a kid in class)
o This led to another day of questions while the class figured out all of the above info for Iyro

Day 3: Figuring out the relationship between the cat and the snail:
• Where do the friends play basketball? (the Alaska Club)
• When? (At night, after the people have gone home)
• How do they get in the building? (back door)
• How does the snail get in? Won’t the door squish him? (he rides on the cat’s tail)
• How come he doesn’t fall off? (he’s sticky)

Day 4: Explaining how a cat and snail are able to play basketball.
• Who usually wins? (the cat)
• Does this affect their friendship? (Yes. Right now they’re enemies)
• How does a snail shoot a basket? (to be determined…)

Day 5: The cat and snail meet 2 new friends at the basketball court
• Who are they? (A giraffe named Judith and a penguin named Betty)

That’s as far as we’ve gotten so far. The kids have already written 100 words + with all the verbs in imperfect tense. All I know at this point is that there is going to be a basketball tournament; we don’t know how it will turn out.


One response to “Karen C.

  1. Thank you so much Karen. I’ve been sputtering a bit with One Word Images/Stories lately and this gives me something concrete to build around. Very much appreciated!


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