It’s late and I’m thinking about how tomorrow I have two block classes up against a short middle school class and then parent night…it’s always a juggling game, isn’t it! We’re going to want to talk about the weekend. I have a couple of pictures I took of kids at the state fair, so in the intermediate class, we’ll be able to investigate why Sara has a pan she’s holding over her cook’s head in her fried-halibut booth. That may take the entire period. For homework, another girl from the advanced class sent a music video just now that uses footage from Soviet space landings featuring a cosmonaut who is down in the snow. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of that. We still haven’t finished quizzes from last week in either of those two groups, and we haven’t finished a pile of stories based on words from last week’s song, so I can pick those up if we run out of things to do. We also never finished writing the stories that we told. Luckily, since I would never remember them, a student in each class kept track of the discussion and stories that went on in the comp book that lives at the front of the classroom. Thanks to Ben’s comp-book suggestions, I don’t have to remember them! (On Friday, we made birthday cards for all the kids who had birthdays over the summer, and so I’d have to remember back to last Thursday, nearly a week ago.)

Other than that, we can start a new song in each class. In the level 1 class, I need to pull the advanced kids to tell the Susie Cat and Mice story to the parents. We’ll have to rehearse that enough times to make it work.

And then there’s the IB ab initio vocabulary that I have to start throwing in so that those kids feel prepared. I think this is all going to work out just fine. I have way too much that I could do, and not enough time. Lesson plans? No worries.


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