Sub tomorrow

There are lots of great notes on subs out there. There are some on this page (click on the “Sub Plan” link at the top of the page):

Today I tested a plan for the sub for tomorrow; first, with my advanced kids we practiced how to do story extensions and then share the results in groups. For tomorrow, I’ll give them a story we’ve already written, with giant spaces in between some of the paragraphs. In groups, they are to write a couple of sentences that add to the details. We had to practice keeping in bounds with language…no English!!

For the beginners, I tried out this plan: the students have to re-read two stories we’ve already told and read, draw three pictures for each, and write captions under the pictures. It’s that “get them to re-read,” plan, now that I’ve typed up the story and want the work to be worth it. It took surprisingly long, but they have the double-whammy of a Cyrillic alphabet and the requirement to write in cursive, which is yet another form of letters. Not as hard as Japanese, though.


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