Monday news day

I’ve been sharing Jennie’s “emotional English” concept all day today with my students. Kids have been having ah-ha moments.

Because I was in Valdez, I had lots of news to share with them, and they had lots of news for me. The football team won, flag football, volleyball, and swimming lost, the tennis team conquered. and so on. Kirill drove his 4-wheeler into a puddle that turned out to be a mud hole, and spent half an hour getting out. Sara named her kitten Dark Angel because the kitten bites her foot at night, and then the big news came up: Tom’s 28-year-old cousin is in Drew Barrymore’s film about whales, and Marie’s friend’s house is the shooting location. It sounds as though even our school will eventually be in the film. Everyone is very excited, and we had to work hard to stay in Russian. (I do expect some stories to come out of this.)

I sometimes don’t handle the Monday news sharing very well, but maybe because I was gone for a day, it worked well, and actually took almost the whole class every period. Some of the news was predictably false: one kid hadn’t written while the sub was here, and I asked whether his hand had been broken. Yes, it had, because the dog had jumped on it and then sat there for three hours.He got angry at the dog (used the correct reflexive verb and object, from our reading last week, hah!) and shouted, but his step father had to rescue him.

It’s great to be back with my kids again. The news that we get on Mondays works its way into the stories the rest of the week. If I were judging myself today, I might be tempted to say we got “nothing done.” But that’s not true. We spoke a lot of Russian, did a lot of connecting, and now we can go on into the week having shared information that might otherwise interrupt our lessons.

Ai yai! Earthquake just shook my portable building and my clock and all my mugs crashed to the floor. Darn!!

(I just checked: it’s the fourth earthquake in our area and the 26th earthquake in Alaska today, it was 4.83 in magnitude, and was 12 miles west and 24 miles deep.)


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