CI is everywhere

Last week, we started a song about a girl waiting for her guy to come back from the war. I tried then to get a conversation going about her thoughts, and it fell flat. Today the kids were full of ideas about whether the boy was still alive, how she was feeling, what war does to people…I was a bit sad last week that I hadn’t been able to engender much conversation, but left without trying to force it, and then the kids seemed to have been thinking about it all weekend. They didn’t really want to talk about the weekend. They wanted to talk about this girl.

A similar thing happened with a short little cartoon that I showed in another class (after asking the story about it). Kids didn’t really want to discuss, but today they remembered a lot, and were able to come up with many details and vocabulary words that surprised me.

Maybe the lesson here is that I don’t always give things enough time. When we need think time for both the language and the content, real discussion might come later.


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