Halloween stories

Someone wrote today to ask for more information about Ben’s Portrait Physique, alluded to in the PQA in a Wink book. I explained that it’s like a one-word story, only it is getting a bunch of details about a character’s physical self. It can be a lot of fun.

Then Karen (from our earlier posts) sent this great response (which I am stealing for all of us):

I’m doing something like this for a Halloween romance story that we started on Monday.  It’s about a lonely werewolf.  We figured out his looks on Monday and today the kids told me what his “ideal girlfriend” would look like.  It was a hoot! In one class she looks pretty much like a werewolf, in my other class, she’s a normal person.  Little does the werewolf know that he will soon meet and fall in love with a girl from the class who doesn’t look anything like his ideal, but true love will prevail…


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