Personalizing is Everything

I went to that conference, and was certain that I could use the materials from my cooperative lesson-writing group in Russian 1. Yes I can, and no, I can’t. I can teach them those words. But guess what…I don’t teach thematically any more. It’s really hard to tell a story with five or six “summer activities.” The activities kids like to do will come up, but doing “activities” as a theme is boring. The next problem is that writing a text in committee does not yield a text my kids want to read. We can do the little activities on line that I have created, but they are actually a waste of time. If the kids know the vocabulary, they don’t need to practice it. If they don’t know the vocabulary, they are not going to learn it by practicing it. I can give them reading practice by putting the readings on line, but it is not really useful reading practice, I fear. It is suddenly even more clear to me that my pre-TPRS teaching did not work. I sure hope some teachers who come to our in-between-times coaching meeting tomorrow will be willing to turn this over in their heads with me.


2 responses to “Personalizing is Everything

  1. It’s like the second wave of culture shock isn’t it? You’ve been to another country: learned some the language, experienced some of the customs, ate the food, drank the wine, danced to the music, immersed yourself in the scents and sounds and sights. You learned to wade through the changes, buffet yourself from the frustrations and bit by bit, breath by breath, cell by cell you were changed.

    Then, for whatever reason, you come back “home”…and home is never the same again. Sometimes you can learn to be two people…one there and one here. Sometimes you simply cannot. Spending serious time in the CI world will do that to you.

    with love,


  2. Yeah. Honestly. It’s a huge shock.

    I know that parents really like the on-line activities. And the kids think that they’re helpful. But for other than reading (like growstorygrow and BigUniverse), test purposes, and the sites that allow you to put up a TPRS video lesson like Senor Wooley if you’re technologically talented, I don’t know how I can justify the work and the time to deal with them.

    I’m reeling a little bit here. How do you do that, Laurie? You always cut to the heart of a question.


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