Whoosh! We had a great coaching session today. We started with the only Spanish teacher in the room, went to French, then Russian, Japanese and Chinese. We re-learned about going slowly, practiced a trick from Kristin–“every time I say Il y a, you say there is  there are” — watched a couple of people use actors, and generally enjoyed learning some language! I am impressed the most by learning some Chinese. I think we should all do it, at least those of us who speak only Western languages. What a wonderful challenge.

Off the topic, take a look at this video that shares the main speaking points from a presentation by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity and education.

I think it gives us yet another reason to use TPRS.


3 responses to “Coaching

  1. Hi Michele,
    Don’t know if it is my computer or what but I have been unable to go to the links you’ve posted. This one on (the animated talk about changing the paradigm of education) asked for a password, etc. I did get to it though through a link Ben posted from you. What a great clip! Is there more to this talk? As Laurie posted to Ben, I would love to share this with admin and/or faculty at our school!

    Last faculty meeting one our counselors talked about brain breaks and of course no one (except me) knew about them. The admin could really use some of this info (man, are those staff meetings hard to sit through!). I think we are lucky that we are already headed down this path. I’m sure it would be adaptable for other disciplines but I have my doubts about whether or not anyone is using anything remotely close to being brain friendly.

    Anyway thanks for this link and if you find more I would love to know about them. Do you remember what the site was that Jason shared with us? I know there was some similar “thinking outside the box” type info going on there.


  2. I’m going to paste in the link from Ben’s site, and then try to change it. Wonder what I did wrong!!

    I think the original talk is an hour long.

    At least one of Jason’s suggestions was the book Teaching Content Outrageously. It’s available on Amazon. I read it while we were in Ixtapa. He was right that the supposedly outrageous suggestions for language teaching were a bit behind what we’re doing, but the book itself is inspiring. I would need a group of teachers to sit around and brainstorm what to do with the ideas so as to apply them to my teaching–


  3. I do remember Jason’s book suggestions. I was thinking of some clips he showed us from an education (I think) website. Being a slow reader I have yet to get to the books but will eventually.

    About your link I think it may have had some extra info in the address that might have had to do with the system at your school? I know I had the same problem with a link that Ben posted lately about Colorado standards. They also asked for a password so I was stumped on that one too. I thought maybe it was me?

    Here’s to a great week coming up and lots of CI!


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