Monday again (or how a word doesn’t work)

I put “envies” on the board today instead of the usual “What happened this weekend?” Monday question. Not a soul paid any attention. Instead, I heard how one girl fell asleep at the PSAT’s, and one of the boys felt he had no weekend because it was all filled up with papers and prep work. We discussed larks vs owls (morning people vs night people) and when the bell rang, a kid was telling about how she had a great weekend in which she played volleyball and chased her siblings around. That was right after the kid who went to Alabama for a funeral said that on her way back, the man next to her dropped his dentures and he put them back in when someone handed them to him…I can’t figure out how Vera limits the Monday news sessions to fifteen minutes.

In the next class, a girl said she had a story for us. A wizard had appeared and zapped a tree in her yard, so it fell down on her fence. We spent the whole period arguing about that, because another girl claimed she was lying because she had been there too and the wizard had actually said “Bippety Boppity Boo.” We didn’t get beyond this tree falling on the fence. We did decide to write this story up as a class story, but we did that only because I couldn’t get the argument calmed down by moving to another topic; the kids all wanted to keep adding details. I feel like I have totally lost control of my class intentions.

Tomorrow everyone wants to play Jason’s running dictation game. We’ll have to do that while the weather’s still nice enough for them to run outside and look at a sign. At least I will have some control then.


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