Parent class

I had a two-hour set of parent classes that went pretty well last night. One hour each of beginner and intermediates led from one into the other. I practiced limiting vocabulary and using cognates. I didn’t try to use words for emotions in the beginner class, though I wanted to…I just made sounds and changed my voice around. And since a beginner stayed for the intermediate class, I had to limit the vocabulary there. It’s amazing how you can repeat, repeat, repeat when you’re using a very complex sentence. We got a story that went something like this: Marianne wanted to go to sleep early in order to be well-rested, but she couldn’t do it on Friday night because the dog was teasing a cat. (On Saturday, the opposite happened, on Sunday she was dancing at a well-known bar, and on Monday, our Russian class was going to interfere.) By the end, they got that “in order to be” clause down pretty well, and we’ll be able to throw it and “would have” into every story.

Teaching parent classes is cool, because you have to cut out everything that doesn’t specifically go towards your goal. Since the students are also very focused, the parents seem to learn at the same rate as the kids in my classes, despite only a once-weekly meeting. Scary. I should be learning something from this.


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