Instant attention

I’ve finally turned a corner in managing a particular kid in my MS class, but what I found when I got around the corner was that all the kids had stopped being excited. So I thought about what we’ve said about MS kids: candy and animals. And then I thought about the “portrait physique” that Ben discusses. We re-read our story about the tiger who lives in Salem and wants a pumpkin, and started fleshing him out. It turns out he used to have a nose (might have been a pig nose) but doesn’t have one any more. Now he has really big ears. One is red and the other is purple. It was looking as though one would be small, but all the girls were upset, because he wasn’t going to be balanced. One of the boys suggested that he have a scissor ear, but again the girls voted him down. Then someone wanted him to have flame ears. We started discussing eyes, and a kid ripped her glasses off and shook them at me. Okay. He has glasses. Someone said “Sun – glasses,” so I fixed that to be “sunglasses.” We don’t know what kind of eyes he has, because he wears sun glasses.

That took half an hour! And all the kids were involved, sitting on the edge of their chairs, full of ideas. It’s a relief to get back to joyous, silly teaching in that class.

Unfortunately, now we won’t have class until Monday because of parent conferences. On the other hand, it’s a good way to end it.

And to my old self, who always worries when we don’t get to colors and clothing, I can now point out that we’ve just nailed in a few vocabulary words.


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