My fifth-hour kids wanted to practice writing today.

It was a really lazy lesson…we had “travel” as our key word, and we picked a tropical island as the place, asked who wanted to go there, found out what they wanted, and figured out how they would get it. The travelers were three girls in the class. They wanted a mango, a mother, and love, and it was a magical volcano that provided them these items in different ways (the mango appeared, the mother swam up, and a gorgeous rich guy sailed up on a yacht). I asked the story, the kids copied it as I wrote on the overhead, and it took 80 minutes (minus a song) to write. Sometimes I wonder where these kids come from. I was kind of out of energy today, and they gave me a break, but we still wrote and spoke and worked weird things into the story.

OH…in two of my other classes, I used a Ben idea. I had mentioned to my kids how he uses a whiteboard on wheels for his artist. The artist draws the picture as the story goes, out of sight of the rest of the class. As the story comes to an end, the artist turns the board around and unveils the drawing(s). One of my kids brought in a children’s easel with a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Artists drew the pictures as stories proceeded today (except in the writing group). It was fun for everyone to see what the picture looked like at the end!

The Turtle who lost his mouth


3 responses to “Writing

  1. And I have been looking for an easel like this in Goodwill ever since I read this.


  2. It occurred to me after the student had brought it in that I could have used our mini white-boards for the same effect–just have the kids sitting in the front of the room as working artists and share their pictures later–but I never thought of that. On the other hand, it’s really fun to do it this way and it’s a new toy.


  3. I was out shopping tonight and discovered dry erase crayons. They never dry out. They do leave a waxy residue, which some reviews have said comes off easily with whiteboard spray (or wd 40 or baby wipes or water). so it still might be worthwhile. One review said regular crayons worked just as well.

    I think it might be fun to let an artist work on a special board with them.


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