Twisting group stories

I’ve talked a bit about my period 5 class, which often drives the lesson on its own. The other day the kids really wanted to tell their own stories. Since we started that about fifteen minutes before the end of the period, we left six or seven stories to today. It only took a few minutes per group to tell their stories, and while I asked them to tell the story twice so that I could type it, there was still time–I forgot about my cute little kindergarten day activity sitting on a back table, all ready to go–also, the wrestlers, the skiers, volleyball kids and the riflery team are traveling and many of the rest of the kids are in a musical, so it was more of a freaky Friday than Friday usually is.

Coming to the point, here’s what we did: each group grabbed another group’s storyboard and told a new story based on the drawings. They could keep as many aspects of the original story as they wanted, but they could also change it (and some made dramatic changes!) as long as the drawings still fit.


2 responses to “Twisting group stories

  1. Could you expand on the “storyboard” reference? Is this a six-picture story that was generated in conjunction with a story?


  2. Ah! I left off the fact that the kids drew on our mini whiteboards. Usually I make them erase the pictures the moment they’ve finished telling the story (unless it’s a really good drawing) but this time I was thinking that I’d like them to add some details.

    This was really just another run of the sub plan, except that the kids generated it instead of me. I put three structures (that they had been weak on in a quiz) on the board, and they used those in stories that they had ten minutes to develop and illustrate on whiteboards.


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