Verb pictures

I have stacks of old picture vocabulary cards sitting around. I pulled out a bunch of verb ones and decided to see whether the kids would do something with them. Each pair got one picture (of people doing various activities).I wrote on the board:

This is____. His/her name is ____. H/she lives in ____. He/she loves ____. (And I drew a blank line for extra information.) Kids had to be ready to tell the class all this information in a minute and a half. We went around the room (“you must be on the edge of the seat, listening to others, ready to give three claps as they finish”) and heard those. Then the kids passed the cards over to the next group, and I added “He/she has.” They prepared a whole new speech (I was thinking that they would learn the previous information and add to it, but I forgot to emphasize that). Some had already filled in the blank space but the second time, more did, partly because I whispered that a good story has a problem. We only got through two rounds of this, but it was really fun to hear what they have acquired. It’s kind of like old-school stuff, except that they hadn’t ever done it, they were listening, and there were none of those tortuous pauses that would have been in the old days. They were all anxious to go on, and the class period ended way too fast.


2 responses to “Verb pictures

  1. I did this today with my German I and II classes and wish I had done it with my III/IVs. I also have a ton of these vocab cards, and boy there are some wonderfully painful pics in there. I had my level one students work on this in pairs and made the level two students do it by themselves, but the beauty of it is that it let a wide range of people be the superstars just by being a little snarky. Fun day.


  2. Yeah, by the end of the day I could tell that the next time we do it, they’ll be trying to claim some of the more cryptic pictures.

    Since I did the Ben story meeting story today with my I’s, I was thinking that if I pulled the pictures out again, I could ask kids to design the situation under which their characters meet someone else and either are happy or not to meet them.


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