Flowchart response to “What to do?!”


3 responses to “Flowchart response to “What to do?!”

  1. Note that tongue is firmly in cheek. I’ve been swimming upstream since last Friday, and the only ones showing any life are my seventh graders (who are showing a bit too much life). Hang in there! Cranberry sauce cures all ills!


  2. Thanks! You made me laugh out loud. (No, never enough Chuck Norris references!).
    My kids are always the ones who bring him up and it always cracks me up! Last week we had a story where our hero ran slowly to wherever it was he was going. I always added “como David Hasselhoff” (like David Hasselhoff!). We had fun running in slow motion! (Sometimes I would do the Chariots of Fire theme song but I think that reference was lost on my kids!)

    We’re home due to snow today so don’t know if we will even get back to school before the holiday. I know the kids can be really squirrely (sp?) about now!
    Keep that tongue in cheek coming!


  3. I missed the flowchart until now, when school’s over. But it made me laugh anyway!! We’re in the midst of an ice day. The e-mail out to teachers, AFTER buses were sliding into cars and off roads, said not to count anyone absent. Therefore all the HS kids with cars and feet took off, so I had only eight kids present in my advanced class. I saw crowds of kids heading back from their extended lunches right before the school buses arrived…

    Anyway, I did get something out of the messed-up Russian 1 class after all: we had to meet in the library for 7th period because it was too slippery for kids to get to my relo . . . so I presented to them what the 3rd period class had done, and they re-did the story so that it was James Bond looking for the flamingo, who had stolen ice cream with big American secrets in it from the Pentagon. We had a nice set of compare/contrast discussions after that. Chuck Norris did come up, but James trumped him.

    Keep that flow chart on hand!! I’m going to be needing it, I fear!!


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