Anne’s gossip structure

This just in from Anne–it’s a little clearer than what I wrote earlier.

Hello TPRS group!

Here is the oral activity (gossiping) that I shared Friday night.  I did this as a warm up activity at the beginning of the year with my level 3s at the start of the period when we were working on emotions and describing a person (in connection with the past tense.)

Write the words in quotation marks in your language on the board.

The first time you do it, model the activity as the example for the class. Stop and point to the words on the board.  You will need to cue them to give a whole class response when saying “Who?”  And “Why?”  When you’ve finished your example, give the class a couple of minutes to think about what they want to say; some may want to jot something down.  Next take volunteers who are ready to start with their own bit of gossip.  🙂

Student says “Guess who I saw last night?”
Whole class responds with “Who?”
Student says “I saw (person) @ (place) and he/she seemed (emotion)!”
The whole class says “Really? Why?”
Student says “In my opinion he/ she…”  or “I think that he / she….”

You can also say “I saw (person) @ (place) WITH (person or celebrity) and he/she seemed (emotion).

Enjoy the stories that come out of this one!


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