It’s a Monday. In level 1, we found out where students had been over the weekend, what they were doing there, and because the first kid had been playing video games, I asked how many hours. (36!) Another kid had slept for 48 hours at her grandma’s house after a surgery, and a third was at Chucky Cheese taking pictures for 24 hours. That was a nice way to review numbers and compare activities. I’m trying to stay simple. The more advanced class next did the Anne activity, and the most recent class spent the whole hour talking about the loss at mock trial by one of the teams in the room.

I can follow up on these in so many different ways that I just have to pick one tomorrow. I might print all the sentences out in pieces and make the level one kids put them in order and read them in a chorus. We could tell the story of the mock trial from a different point of view. We could work the Anne stories into one giant one.


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