New Year’s Idea

From Deb Abshier, an idea we can use in all languages…thanks!! And no, my kids aren’t too cool for this!

I really stink at Christmas ideas. By this time the kids don’t want to do anything, so I tend to do crafty stuff, like picados and ojos de dios.

However, I have (I think) a good new year’s idea…. I have the kids make resolutions. It’s a good way to practice the simple future tense, plus tons of infinitives.

For my New Year story, I’m going to have monsters making their resolutions…. Godzilla vows to stop eating people, King Kong will only attack ugly buildings and our rival middle school, etc. Long story, but my kids have a running Godzilla theme for the year so it fits easily. Last week we had a moose, reindeer, snowman and Papa Noel on the roof of a girl’s house. Papa Noel gets stuck in the chimney, and the others have to help push him down. Then Godzilla shows up and threatens to put the snowman down the chimney where he’ll obviously melt, unless the other characters give him a present. So – they tell him that he’s needed in Whoville to attach the Grinch. Weird, I know, but we got holiday vocabulary plus articles of clothing in one story and had a blast. I had bought goofy hats from Target and Michael’s, so kids got to put on the moose antlers, snowman hat, etc. Ok… it’s middle school. Your kids are probably too cool!



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  1. “Your kids are probably too cool!”



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