Reading Poor Anna

My relo was frozen today, so we relo-cated MS kids with just the books I could grab…Poor Anna. I followed the advice of wiser teachers: everyone has a finger on the words. We all translate together. Sometimes I ask for the next word. Actors are acting. Boys are playing the girls’ parts, girls are playing the boys’ parts, and everyone is melodramatic. We are not spending a lot of time on a paragraph. I do one grammar or content or “teachable moment” question from every paragraph. We overplay “normal,” and overdo the responses. I spent a couple of minutes talking about why words are repeated so many times…this is the first time in three years of reading this book that kids have liked the story.

One more day, everyone! (For us, anyway…we have a teachers’ grading day Friday.) I wish you all happy time with your families and friends and tucking in and enjoying some peace on your own. I promise to share only fascinating information over the holiday.

Here’s a bittersweet moment from today’s Russian 1 final: a kid told me he’s leaving for Texas, where his mom lives. I was really sad–he got so good in Russian, even though he really wanted to continue in Japanese after having transferred from another school. He made the best of it, and he was a fun kid to have in class. He told me that he was glad to be leaving; I was the only teacher who cared about him. Others didn’t even know him, he said…I actually don’t feel I know him very well, but I’m so glad to be using TPRS, which at least helps pave a path of acquaintance. These funny little rituals we do (birthday cards, everyone’s best at whatever they do, people get lauded for their promise) make a difference.


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