Recognizing ACTFL levels

This is the second of the two documents Nathan and I worked on. I’m posting the .doc form so that you can edit with your target language’s complex sentence conjunctions. This is about as brief as it gets, so refer to the official ACTFL proficiency guidelines if you’re interested. I wanted an easy resource to figure out where kids were and to then remember what we are doing in TPRS to help them reach to the next level. What I understood from doing this was that the reason TPRS works so well for mixed classes is that we are generally offering students at any level the means to reach up, within any TPRS story.

Just so you know, while I took the class that inspired the creating of these tables, Nathan Black organized and reworded them to make sense, and Ben Rifkin corrected my blatant errors.

Recognizing ACTFL Proficiency Levels–revised(2) (click on this link and it will download to your computer)

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