If it’s right, they’ve acquired it

I’m still on a roll with Scott’s webinars. I sent him four e-mails of questions about the first set, and he answered them patiently, with interest and enthusiasm, and in great detail. I have only the one on songs left to watch, and then I will start re-playing them, because there are some pieces I want to hear again a couple of times. Getting to have them for a month is a smart move on Scott’s part as an educator. Otherwise I might let them sit until I was “free.”

An important phrase I got from Scott is the title of today’s blog. It has to do with why we give speaking and writing assessments that require spontaneous speaking and writing. Scott says that if kids have time to plan or to edit, then what comes out may include a mix of what they’re still learning.

I woke up with this phrase in my head, because I am a slow editor of my own writing in English, and wanted to argue that it would imply that I am not a fluent writer. I am considering that maybe I’m not an “eloquent” speaker or writer in English. There are people who write and speak beautifully spontaneously. Most of us still get our grammar right and use vocabulary at our level when we’re speaking or writing, even if we aren’t in that crowd of (Superior level?) speakers.


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