New Year–MoreTPRS?

I spoke with Susie yesterday about TPRS blogs and explained that I started this one because Ben’s went off the air, and that I was aiming for a daily slice of classroom life–one thing that failed or went fine–because the descriptions of what other people tried in their classes were my favorite part of Ben’s blog. I often took those ideas right into my room. Reading and acting on them kept me from getting into ruts. It has been especially wonderful when folks add their ideas to mine and Nathan’s.

Susie suggested that not many people end up reading individual blogs, and that it would be better for the community if we would post (maybe double post) on Scott’s site. As one of the people who posted on that site a lot initially, I got a little embarrassed that I was hogging the site. Here people know they’re likely to read what I write and I’m not in their face (or e-mail!) unless they want me to be.

Susie pointed out that if I started posting a “this is what I’m doing in my room” note, maybe others would too.


9 responses to “New Year–MoreTPRS?

  1. Go for it!! I talked to Susie in September about how I missed the old discussions that we used to have on the lists…….I will if you will!

    with love,


  2. All right. If you will if I will, then I will.


    It would be cool to get things moving, as Susie said, because right now I count heavily on your blog for new ideas, Laurie! I mentioned your “something, someone, somebody” to the EHS teachers and they all plan to try it next week.


  3. Hi Michele,

    I like the idea of double-posting. I love reading your blog and Laurie’s blog, and all the others. I like it because it’s where people speak with the most freedom, not having to worry about the social constraints of participating on a board that belongs to everyone. People are just more likely to talk on their own blogs. Keeping your blog gives you the freedom to post as often as you like and not have to sort through to find your best jewels, but rather you can post what you think *might be* interesting or *might be* helpful. You can post how you’re processing and implementing other people’s ideas.

    Then posting it on the bulletin board gets it read by a wider community, and talked about by more voices. Good idea. Maybe Scott could add a category for talking about what’s going on in people’s classrooms.


  4. I used to follow Scott’s site but found that it was hard (for me) to navigate. It seemed that I often looked there for something new and found a post from 6 months ago. I felt that there was a glitch in the flow of day to day topics and conversations, frustrations and sharing, that we do here or on other blogs. I personally love all of the personal blogs and I think that a lot of people do follow them (religiously?)!

    All due respect to Scott and to Susie (much love to you both!) I think the site has great potential for organizing different ideas and categories. I personally prefer moretprs on yahoo for conversation and discussion. It seems easier to see what is going on now (or recently).

    I would be sad if you or Laurie stopped sharing your personal thoughts on your blogs. I visit daily Michele because I feel you are a friend, I respect you a lot and I love that you are so devoted to what we are doing. I get inspiration and ideas not only from you but also from all of the links and comments connected here. I will try to be braver about sharing what I do since I often find myself thinking “I’m not worthy, I’m no expert”! I know we all have our strengths and weaknesses and who knows what might be helpful to someone else!

    I will try to follow wherever y’all want to post but wanted to express my feeling of love and appreciation for this site and forum!


  5. Thanks, Ruth! I love going to Laurie’s, too. It would probably be good for me to register for my favorite blogs so that I’m secure I’ll see them.

    Carla, I think it’s a great idea to ask Scott for a place for classroom reports.

    Ruth, on Scott’s site, once I log on, I click on “read new” and get just the ones I haven’t read.


  6. Hallo, Michele, and a Happy New Year to all of you. I have followed your blog from the start and I like your personal way of sharing what you do in your classes. So Laurie’s and your blog were complementing Ben’s which is shut down now.
    Please go on. I am relatively new to TPRS but will try to contribute, too, from time to time.


  7. Thanks, Martin!

    I do like the ease of posting here and not worrying too much about an enormous audience, as Carla said. I double-posted today, feeling the need to take extra care on the editing of the one that went up on I like being able to look back at old posts because I don’t want to repeat mistakes, but sometimes the basic idea was sound.


  8. Hello,
    I know I’m jumping into the discussion rather late, I’d like to encourage you to keep your blog. I think you must be a very good teacher from whom we can all learn a lot, and it is a great space for sharing.
    In my opinion reading a blog is much easier and direct than sorting through so much stuff in either lists.
    Thank you for your work


  9. Glad you like it, Laura. I started it when Ben’s blog went off the air briefly last summer, and found it useful to briefly note what is going on most days in at least one class. Nathan Black has also been a steady contributor.

    I feel the same way about blogs–the information doesn’t disappear quite so quickly. I do want to encourage you to check out the TPRS discussion board. It has many more views and ideas from a giant network of teachers. Because it’s set up under topics, it’s easy to browse in an area of interest–rather like a combination of listserve and blog.


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