Jody reading

Go over to Jody’s blog and read about her day yesterday! I’m going to follow both her idea about putting the reading sequence up on the board AND her rules for actors.

I am having fits over the fact that there is so little available for my Russian kids to read at their level. We’ve been using some textbooks for reading source in a couple of groups, but it’s not anything like being hooked into a novel. Now that we’re reading so much, we are racing through everything I have that’s at a reasonable level. And “reasonable” often means “the first 1500 words.” That’s nothing like the first 200 words.

Two years ago, a class and I wrote a novel. It might be time to pull that out and reprint it, even though some of the kids who helped write it are still in the class.

And I guess that we could go back to writing a novel one or two days a week.


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