Slow, steady, repeat

I watched a bunch of Scott’s classroom videos on Friday afternoon. If you take one of his webinars, you might get access to his vimeo site (go for the Kindergarten Day webinar if you’re curious). There are five or six two-minute videos that demonstrate different aspects of TPRS, including one where he’s speaking German to demonstrate how to stay in the target language the first day of school.

Having watched these, the first thing I can say is that a classroom observation is worth a thousand blog posts. I am definitely going to get out and observe some of my colleagues this spring. Two are coming to my room this week. Hope they see something interesting!

The second thing is that I want to work on my basics again. Go slowly, point and pause, get solid responses. Watching Scott, I see how those work to enliven the class. I also liked his version of contrastive grammar while the class was reading. He really hammered the grammar point hard, but he didn’t expect kids to know it on the fifth or sixth repetition. He kept asking the same question as he hit a plural form over the course of a two-page reading. Repetition got him answers from the whole class.

The last piece for me is now a certain amount of document-projector envy. I want one of those!


2 responses to “Slow, steady, repeat

  1. Funny you should mention document camera envy. I am just in the process of ordering one for my Spanish colleague out of our department funds, and there is one on the market that costs only $69. Our district’s technology team learned about this last month at a technology conference we attended, and our district librarian has tried it out and given it a big thumbs up. The link to the camera is here: and the camera is also available through Amazon. I’ll post back in when our Spanish teacher’s camera arrives and comment first hand.


  2. Please do!! That would be something I could definitely afford, even if I had to pay for it out of my own pocket…


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