A frog says quaak?

For the last two years I’ve been sitting on a chart that I knew I wanted to use, but had no idea how to do so.  The chart basically lists what sounds a range of animals are supposed to make in 17 different languages, such that the “cheep cheep” you’ve come to expect from a bird is “cui cui” in French, “tschiwitt” in German, “pío pío” in Spanish, “juyk juyk” in Turkish, “pip-pip” in Swedish etc.  Altogether the chart lists 17 different languages and at least 42 different animals.  The link is found here.


I had copied just the German and English parts to a document, and switched all the animals to German names, but still just didn’t know what to do with this treasure trove until I came across a Matava script in which a lonely person goes to an animal shelter to buy a pet and keeps getting successively mauled by the animals she buys (I just got volume 2 of her scripts in the mail over the weekend, and haven’t stopped reading them since).

My plan today was to spend about 10 minutes on the animal noises and then start transitioning over to the story, but my students just wouldn’t let me.  They absolutely LOVED being animals for awhile.  We took polls on whether the German or English sounds were better.  When variety allowed, I had 1/3 the class be hens, another 1/4 be roosters, and the final 1/3 be chicks.  We played out scenarios where a cat stalked a scared bird, then either ate it and purred, or got stung on the nose by a bee and howled.  I couldn’t get away from the list, and we just clucked, mooed and brayed our way though the hour.

Tomorrow I think we’ll make that trip to the humane society, but I’ll start by everybody writing down their two favorite animal noises down before we start and instruct them to let loose at opportune times throughout the story.


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