Sharing videos

Today Marcia came to my room, and I asked her to turn the video on me. I haven’t done this for a while. I shared some video on YouTube with Susie Gross in the last two years. She helped me out with very clear comments and suggestions. A student videotaped me for about a week earlier this year, but I haven’t dared to watch those for some reason. (Mostly I haven’t had time or reason, and need to find out an easy way to share them.) A couple of us watched Nathan teach his German class a couple of months ago, and that was instructive too. Watching videos, sharing them, and observing one another is a great way to learn.

Just having Marcia in the room was very helpful. For one thing, she turned on the video (something I forgot to do the next period, when I’d intended to!) and for another, she provided me the balance that I needed. That’s hard to explain, but when I have another adult in the room, for some reason I think a little more clearly about what could happen next. I used to be fearful when I had people observing me, but now that I have a method that I believe in, one that others also follow, I feel more confident. It makes it easier to discuss what’s happening. Also, if I can make the story fairly comprehensible to the visitors who don’t know Russian, I’m making it pretty comprehensible to the kids.


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