TPRS gets results!

Virginie said I could post this e-mail:

Kids are doing fine. The Regional Declamation went very well on our end. Most of my kids won 1st and 2nd place for the poetry. French IV students placed 1.2.and 3. Only one of my students was interested in doing the impromptu and placed 1st. So, they are going to the State Competition on Feb 19.

It is my first time doing it and I am going to participate in the future doing all categories next time.

Also, French I’s are doing well. It seems like I can cover so much more material and they retain it much faster and much easier than past years. Students were also able to write their very first 400 word essay –assignment of their French I sem 1 final. They recorded it when we came back to school in January and we did the same this month (less intense essay…just 4 paragraphs on weather+ sports/activities, recycling info from last year (like/dislike +adverbs).

It seems like I might be done with the French I curriculum right after Spring Break, which we leave us plenty of time to cover “Pauvre Anne” in class and record their readings+ essays about it. I have never done it before AND I am very excited about it!!!!

What a difference doing TPRS! I am never going back… (also I am mostly doing CI than story telling–It is simply NOT me:)
Voila. Please say hi to everyone out there,


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