Fast Writing with a Punch Line

Last week I assigned my advanced class to quote a line from one of our songs in their fast write. When I sat down to read the notebooks, I’d forgotten what the assignment was, but laughed out loud when I got to it. The kids were very creative! I decided that the stories were too good not to share, so on Friday I started reading them out loud to them. I stopped before the first punch line though, and asked kids to guess the line. To my amazement (since they know about 25 songs and had looked through the songbooks at their leisure for a while before starting), they were able to come up with about five of the featured lines. (I just realized…this is another way to make them re-read texts!)

They loved hearing other kids’ stories. I loved reading them. I didn’t have to type them, and I corrected all the grammar problems as I went.

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