Monday for level 1

Last week I used two leading questions on the board and found out details about who had gone to movies and games. Kids wanted to be able to tell me what else they’d done, so I asked them all to list three activities they’d participated in that weekend in English in their journals. I made a master list of those and presented them with a chunk of the activities, then went down the list, asking who had…visited a friend, eaten birthday cake, watched a football game (surprisingly, not too many!) or slept a lot. Once we’d talked about a bunch of those, I asked kids to write down three things they’d done or not done this weekend. A couple asked for extra phrases: was sick, went snowboarding, but there was enough for almost everyone, and now they will start having a list. Combining this new list with the super power list, I think we’ll have a lot to talk about.


2 responses to “Monday for level 1

  1. Michele,
    I am trying to figure out what to do with my students’ free writes. Up until now I have been doing something that is new to me this year and I think is good. I go through what they have written and I make a list of things that I am impressed with. (e.g. there is/are, oddly enough it seems to take some time to acquire that, he is able to —, wants to —, has, is going to—) with, of course, the requisite smiley face.

    I want to give them a grade on these so I can have a more well rounded writing grade in the grade book. What’s your current thinking on grading Free Writes? Do we evaluate them on number of words, accuracy, important structures??? I’m sorry if this is a repeat of something I missed but appreciate your thoughts!


  2. You haven’t missed anything!

    I’m going to blog a little in answer to this on today’s blog.


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