Reminder from Kristin

Kristin asked a question on yahoo today about kids losing interest in stories, and I answered it wisely, realizing all of a sudden that the problem I’m having with my period 5 class is exactly the problem she asked about and that I should solve it by…

Checking discipline

Checking comprehension

Letting kids buy in.

So today we went back to kids’ choice of songs, kids’ choice of story, and kids’ direction of class, while making sure that discipline and comprehension were the solid foundation. It made a great difference in class interest and focus!

(Besides that, the temperature went up 20 or 25 degrees, and it’s no longer freezing in the classroom!)


2 responses to “Reminder from Kristin

  1. Thanks Michele! I like the idea of letting the kids come up with a storyline. The stories really haven’t been very personalized so that is most likely the problem! I will have to try it this week and let you know how it goes.


    • I’m hoping that y’all understood that “answered it wisely” was code for “too big for my britches,” since right after that I figured out that I was having the same problems!!


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