Parent conferences/sub prepping

Today we have shortened classes because we’re having conferences. I had to use the day to prep the kids for a sub, since I’ll be out on Tuesday. I put the schedule they’ll follow on the board:

10 minutes fast write

10 minutes free reading

25 minutes reading in small groups

10 minutes prep story characters; they are going to figure out the background of the characters in a story for me the next day–this is my way to try to push them into having fully-formed characters.

20 minutes: groups present to the class

We spent most of the time practicing who would be in the groups and letting me overhear how they were reading and translating (one group wanted to just summarize the entire booklet…it was good for me to hear that, because I could give them a better idea of how to proceed).

Every so often, I like practicing for a sub day. It takes the pressure off me, and lets me see where I need to clarify so that sub days go well (especially the ones when we have 85-minute periods).


One response to “Parent conferences/sub prepping

  1. I don’t know if you realize how brilliant this is my friend. We know that they need repeated instruction, clarification, practice and feedback in order to really know what to do and how to do it. Then we totally disregard what we know. :o) After DECADES of teaching it simply never occurred to me that we should do this. It’s perfect.

    with love,


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