Tech conference

I promise not to be lazy about this site once I start teaching again on Wednesday!

Today I’ll be at ASTE, our state technology conference. I prepared a Prezi for my 10:30 slot. Here it is:

Check it out, mostly to see that Prezi is cool cloudware (can it be called software?)…go slowly, realizing I’m presenting over the course of an hour, or you’ll get dizzy. Send me calming thoughts. Being with kids is fun. Teaching adults is not my forte.

Later: I don’t usually like the “60 X in 60 minutes” presentations, but I went to one anyway and there’s a lot of fun stuff on this list. Look for the one to make clickers out of cell phones. I’m considering trying that for suggestions during storytelling.


6 responses to “Tech conference

  1. Break a leg! You’ll be great! I understand your feelings about addressing adults. But you are so good, inspired and devoted to this method I know you will wow them. You sure wow me with all of your tech savvy!


  2. I need classes in prezi. Badly.
    This looks pretty amazing. Must have been a gargantuan amount of work.


    • It was a lot of work. . . probably about 10 hours of learning and creating, then about three or four more over a couple of weeks tweaking.

      But I just created another one last night in about three hours that I think is almost better. Prezi is easier to learn than PowerPoint; and once you get the idea of having a big scratch board to take notes on, it’s really fun to play with.


  3. How did the presentation go?


    • It went well, though not very heavily attended; language teachers are few and far between at tech conferences. Still, a principal from one district said that he thought I should be sharing these ideas with language arts teachers, so that was a nice side conversation. And I think we’ve got at least one other TPRS person on line now. Plus, I got the newest easy readers in Russian out of it (the writer is a genius).

      I suspect I will be bringing this borrowed laptop to “you know where,” assuming that’s in St. Louis. I can’t go to Cancun this time. 😦


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