Performance-Based Learning

One more Prezi!

A colleague created this Prezi in September to show how she explains her grading system to students. She has posters of each picture with the explanation for kids. The posters don’t include the “teacher talk.”

Kelly teaches English and Math, but I think her sentiments apply equally to language classes.

2 responses to “Performance-Based Learning

  1. I like this very much; thank you for posting it. It’s very timely as today was the first time I did Scott’s Oral assessment with my German Is, and they did quite well but had a hard time getting an overview of the Rubric. The analogy to bike riding makes a big difference in helping them relate to what I’m aiming at.


  2. This is so helpful. It simplifies the concept as much for teachers as for students. I haven’t had time to work proficiency based grading into my classes yet, but even without revamping everything, this prezi helps me to see more clearly.


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