Listening for first year

We have been talking about Lake Baikal. It turns out there’s a great legend to go with it–we had the father lake throwing a huge cliff at his daughter river for having fallen in love with another river and (gasp) giving him her water!

At the beginning of the period, I did a quick, dirty recording on Garage Band of the information we’ve learned to date. I handed out a transcript with blanks in it and a word bank on the bottom. I told the kids they could have a greater challenge by folding the word bank under, but even for me it would have been tough to write fast enough. Then I played the recording twice.

It worked pretty well…the kids seemed to think it was not easy, but also not too hard–about where we should be. To get this information into their heads, I am going to have to figure out a new way of getting them to read, hear and act it out every day until the contest.


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