Report card specifics

We use Zangle to report grades. I set it to not score all the ongoing assessments, and at the end of each grading period, I put the Standards grades at the current date and make those the ones that count (I look at each category and put in the most recent, consistent grade for that standard). I’ve just changed all the standards grades to 3/4/11, since that was the end of the quarter. But now I’m putting in a comment on each standard grade so that parents can see it. It’s hard to write briefly enough to describe and still be a bit complete. The two I have so far are like this:

Reading: D: student needs support to read at level. C: student is progressing toward reading at level consistently. B: student reads texts at current level. A: student understands and makes inferences about reading.

Vocabulary: D: student uses limited current vocabulary. C: student is progressing toward using a mix of current and past vocabulary. B: student uses current and past vocabulary to speak and write. A: student uses an unexpected range of vocabulary for level of instruction.

I want parents to understand that it’s the mastery of an area that counts, not having checked off the assignments.


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