Awesomeness Tournament

We’ve started the awesomeness tournament in two classes. Luckily, with duplicates, the numbers worked out exactly right so far(ended up with 16 in each class). I have one more class today and one on Wednesday that I forgot, so we’ll have the full 64 battles.

We’re just back from spring break. Having spent so much time on writing over the break, and cutting the word list to the bare minimum in the “novel,” I was amazed at how many of the words showed up in the Russian accounts of the earthquake! This high-frequency word list stuff really does work!

And I was also pleased, as always, by the way that CI/TPRS does not result in a lag of comprehension when we get back from a vacation. For some of these kids, it’s been two weeks, yet because they understood everything when they left, they had acquired it, and thus didn’t forget a lot. I used to hate coming back even from weekends in year one.


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