Jody’s chair plus interview

I used two of Jody’s posts in other places for ideas today. We are working toward this contest…the kids have to talk about themselves. I keep trying to come up with new ways to practice. In two classes, I picked individual kids, and we interviewed them as they sat on the comfy teacher stool and then spoke as a class in first person with prompts to tell their life stories. I decided that if we do that each day, we’ll get more and more details about each person, and they will have enough examples to be able to really take off with this. What I really like is that while they think they’re having to remember everything about another person, the prompts that are on the board are the grammar that I want them to remember…”me they call,” “to me are 16 years,” “to us is a big house,” “become a doctor (instrumental case),” “I play,” “I go to school (reflexive verb).”

Yeah, it’s output. But two weeks of this, minus the actual day of the contest, and we’ll go back to stories and reading and full-time CI.


One response to “Jody’s chair plus interview

  1. The interview is very powerful (I do it a lot during parallel stories). I like it for review and cementing of target structures. This is the stage at which I find the language falling out of their mouths (after pqa, stories, and reading). The student in the chair loves to play the game, too. Nothing is as it really is in real life.

    I like that you mention how during the sardonic “audience aside” moments, the “rules” of the game need to be heavily enforced always maintaining the actor in super high esteem from the class.

    I am glad that it served a good purpose in your “review for the contest” prep. Anything to keep from boring them to death!


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