Pinch me, I’m Irish

Today to get the day rolling I asked people what St. Patrick’s day traditions were, and for me this involved playing up the tradition of people not wearing green getting pinched.  As it turns out, however, this is not a local tradition; all of the people who grew up here had never heard of this, while other imports (like myself) had.  So, armed with new insight on how the world works, we had fun debating what qualified as green, who got to kiss who because they were Irish, deciding who would drink green milk, who would get in a fight, etc.

In other words, just a normal TPRS day by most accounts.  Then in the staff lounge at lunch one of the teachers (a local) asked “WHO taught the freshman and sophomores to pinch people?  They’ve been doing it all day!”  I sheepishly turned myself in, but was happy that I made a difference today.

For the rest of the day I threw up the terms “Leprechaun” on the board together with one term that came up during our discussion (slobber, cabbage, etc.) and two more terms from this quarter’s vocab list.  I put them in groups, gave them 5 minutes and told them to write up a story using all the terms.  Then when the time was up, each group had to pass their story one group to the left and then either act it out or draw it up.  For those groups who drew them out, however, the non-drawing members of the group had to provide sound effects for the story. (I love my document camera; I could just take the drawings, shove them under the camera and off we went).

We didn’t fully finish, so there’s my class plan for tomorrow already done as well.  My upper levels are doing the awesome tournament, so all I have to do tomorrow is show up and hang on for the ride.  I love that feeling.


3 responses to “Pinch me, I’m Irish

  1. I WISH that my students didn’t already know about this ridiculous tradition! Even as they flooded through the doors from the buses, they began searching for green and pinching offenders. No fewer than five of my first period students tried to pinch me as they walked into the room. So I VERY angrily made a firm “NO PELLIZCAR” rule for the rest of the day and turned into the not-green Grinch of Saint Patrick’s Day. I HATE getting pinched. I also handed out green sticky notes and made green stamps on anyone’s hand that wanted to protect themselves from the good cheer of their classmates. And we reviewed the Aggressors, Victims, Bystanders curriculum (electives have to teach it once a week this quarter) in Spanish with respect to the pinching foolishness. And then we learned about other, happy things. And I didn’t get pinched all day. I think that was the only day in the history of my career that my students were actually afraid of me…I should start opposing other things more passionately…like speaking in English…


  2. Maybe you could pinch them if they speak English 🙂


  3. Do you think I could get away with it on St. Patrick’s Day?


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