Reality is obvious

My beginner “parent” group was reading chapter 1 of The New Houdini (a beginner’s novel currently published in French and Spanish by Carol Gaab) last night. A 16-year-old beginner in the group was wading through the numerous verbs of motion (this is Russian, after all) pretty slowly. We got to the part where there are three rules for Brandon to follow while his parents are gone. She hadn’t ever seen the verb “to drive,” and was catching on slowly to “not allowed.” But man! did she ever know exactly what the three rules were the minute she saw them. “Go home straight after school; no guests; don’t drive dad’s car.” She said those were the same three rules her parents have when they leave.

Good call, Carol!

Now I know for sure that when I teach this to my regular classes, we will have a huge PQA around what house rules are when parents leave before starting to read the book.


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