On teaching grammar

I had an interesting talk with Susie last night. I wrote her a note about my whole “what grammar to present” quandary. Do I focus on one grammar case (adjective/noun endings) in Russian and rotate as the kids seem to get it as she suggests for verbs in languages like Spanish and French, or do I stay with just the verbs. She said that I should stay with just the verbs, and do the retelling from perspective, asking the 4%ers every so often about changes in cases.

But here’s the crux of our conversation: none of that is helping kids acquire language. What is helping them acquire the language is the compelling CI. TPRS helps make it more compelling in many cases. The verb practice only helps quiet the left side of the brain (in both students and teachers) to make us all feel like we’re learning/teaching stuff. When the kids have heard/read and comprehended it enough times, it will fall out of their mouths correctly.


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