Three-tier plan

Adult classes are the ideal place to try new things out. I posted my three beginner phrases:

Grandma loves you

I will invite friends

it’s not allowed to drive the car

(admittedly not very beginner-friendly, especially with three cases, two tenses and an infinitive verb phrase)–and then added phrases for “enriched” and “impress me.” I went really slowly, and we developed a story around one girl’s grandma, 30 dogs, a snake, and her grandmother’s classy pink Corvette (yes, still teaching Houdini…can you tell?). I had one very new beginner, and she seemed to get it all, surprisingly enough. She was actually mouthing everything I was said.

Then I was able to leave the beginner phrases up, review the story, and go into the next lesson with intermediates, pointing at the advanced phrases as we did. It worked better than I could have imagined for this purpose, which was to overlap a beginner’s class with the intermediates, but still have something for everyone. I didn’t really use the upper tiers with the beginners, but some of the intermediate group needed those core phrases. I think I’m sold. But as you know, I’m bound and determined to practice this for a month. I will track my progress here.

In the meantime, it turns out I need to teach a mini-unit on space in two classes, since we have an artist-in-residence coming to teach watercolors, and we’re going to be focusing on images from space. I need to figure out how to introduce the most concepts possible of space in only two weeks — because we have a week of testing after this one. Anyone have suggestions for how to do that?

Maybe I’ll use the rocket ship analogy for my three tiers and use core vocab as the rocket ship on the ground, the rocket ship blasting off (for “enrichment”) and the rocket ship in space for the “impress me” vocab. Someone could draw those three pictures for me!


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