I just now realized that I didn’t do any of my usual Monday stuff today, and it shows. We have testing the rest of the week, so that means that I am feeling pushed to “get stuff done.” We meet each class only three times this week, and the kids will be either brain dead if they’re testing, or sleep-logged, if they’re the ones who don’t have to show up for the morning.

I did start the day with three sets of phrases for my level ones, and then I had them count the number of times particular words came up in our current song. (About 36 times for one word!) Then we did some reading and had a quick quiz over the content. I practiced it a little with them–questions in English, one-two words to answer in Russian. I like that form of quiz. It makes sense to me, is relatively easy to create, and is quick to grade. I’m going to do the same thing with the next group, but I think I’ll have them come up with their own questions as a brain break.

Later…it worked! It’s challenging to read with the level 1 MS kids some days. Poor Anna is just not the most interesting book. I can doll it up some days with acting, switching roles, and so on, but sometimes I am not there. I need to go look at Jody’s blog for more ideas. Still, this was my change today: I did the translation, letting them fill in the words I missed, and they followed, fingers on every word. After about five minutes, I had each partner ask one question in English to which the other had to point out the answer in the reading. That kept everyone moving nicely. I forgot to do a quiz though…still, I was really happy with what these kids are understanding. I had a visiting Russian 2 HS student in the room today, and I think he was also impressed by what the kids were understanding too.

Next time, I’ll ask the kids to ask questions in Russian, just to mix it up.


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