The Talent Code

If you haven’t yet read The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle, get it for your summer reading. If there’s another book on general success in education that better underlines the principals of TPRS, I don’t know what it is. I want to figure out how to apply other ideas from this book to improve results. I am tempted to call Mr. Coyle and ask whether I can drive south to meet with him…he lives only about five hours away.

Slow, chunking, personal connection, attention to discipline: those are some of the features of programs that help develop abilities the fastest.

One response to “The Talent Code

  1. It’s nice to see yet another book that shows the benefits of TPRS. It looks really interesting. and just in time for my birthday… I may get it very soon! I think you should interview him and then post the interview on your blog 🙂

    do you get enough information from the book to know how to implement deep practice and other skills?

    Also, I’m looking for books to improve my leadership. I was extremely shy into my late 20s, so it doesn’t come naturally. Any suggestions? I just read The Way of the Shepherd (a business leadership book) and just ordered The Compassionate Classroom (mentioned on Ben’s blog around a year ago.)


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