Ted Talk: Benjamin Zander

Betsy sent me the link to this Ted talk. It’s a combination of TPRS and Scaffolding Literacy for music. Benjamin Zander tells us the story of what we’re going to hear. He explains the vocabulary of the music. He makes it comprehensible.

Here’s to our being able to create shining eyes and to moving from 4% to 100%.

(Okay…now I’m really off to Russia! Had a great time today with some fabulous, interesting, talented teachers in Fairbanks. Hope they enjoyed us as much as we did them.)


4 responses to “Ted Talk: Benjamin Zander

  1. Bon voyage! Hope you have a wonderful time. We still have a month of school left! Good thing because I have a ton of grading to do!


  2. Buen viaje! Enjoy every minute!!

    with love ,
    who also has a month left!


  3. Приятного путешествия! I’ll be there too this summer with my kids visiting my parents . Lnguage immersion like no other!


  4. Have a lovely time, Michelle. We’ll miss you!


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