Day 6: Ownership

Today was just flat out fun.  All of my groups had their “to do” lists from yesterday and so when class started I just notified the office that we would be outside, around the halls, etc. and we went.  I laid down certain guidelines (watch the time, don’t get hurt, don’t be stupid, don’t disturb other classes) and then we did our group establishing shots.  One class had a student dead on the stairs, the other had us taking a nature walk in the woods sitting on a bench.

Then I did what is perhaps the scariest part of the day.  I said “Have fun!”  and watched them go.  Groups split out to get their shots, and I let it happen.  I kept moving between groups, reminding them of the shots I needed to be in, doing some problem solving as much as possible when I could, but mostly just let them go.  Was I worried people would get screw around and waste the time, though?  No.

Yesterday I read an article in some newspaper that claimed that the best way to fight a feeling of entitlement in people is to create ownership for them.  I wasn’t really worried about this happening for my crew, because by this point this story that they were shooting was theirs.  They owned the plot.  They owned the writing.  They owned the process of getting it finished.  At this point a week in, they wanted this to succeed, and the day went fabulously.

We all met back together at the classroom (or other designated spots) with a few minutes to spare, and I had them put checkmarks on their wall outlines and to-do lists for what got finished and what needs to still be done. 

Mostly, though, we just kicked it around the school and grounds, had a great time, and had basically a home run day where they were able to see some payoff for what they’ve put into it so far.


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