Missing my seniors

The last day for my seniors is tomorrow.  Luckily for me this year they’re all concentrated in one class–my German III/IV class–so I can send them all off at the same time.  You’d think this would get easier over the years, but it doesn’t.   Because this is the end of my fourth year teaching, I’m seeing a bunch off that I’ve known all the way from when they were Freshman.

So tomorrow we’re going to have Spaghettieis (whipped cream, covered by vanilla ice cream that is fed through a ricer to make it look like spaghetti, and covered mashed up strawberries to make the “sauce.”   Did a quick sign up to take care of most of the items, and off we go.

And for the finishing touch, I just finished editing a quick video recapping a lot of stuff we did.  I have a bunch of photos that have been turned into me over the course of the year(s) from taking our class Mascot Knut home, screen shots of YouTube videos class members have made, and the various shots from our recent Choose Your Own Adventure stories.  I plugged them into Windows Movie Maker, laid down a music track of Tom Petty’s Learning to Fly and I’ve got a killer video.  My problem is that I can’t stop watching it; I miss them already.


2 responses to “Missing my seniors

  1. What a great way to end the year.
    What did the students do with the class mascot? That has a lot of potential! What level did you do it with? Or did you do different projects with the mascot in different years?


    • For my German III/IV class, each student has to sign up to take the mascot home over the weekend, take pictures of him, and then describe everything they did. The German IV students additionally need to write up a “Journal entry” from the mascot’s perspective (I have two bears–a polar bear named Knut and a bear in Lederhosen named Bernhardt). We start each Monday then with a weekend report. Usually people fight over who gets to take the bears home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

      I make sure to show the reports to my lower level German classes, and I’ll usually have somebody from German II who wants to take him home as well. During those reports, I do most of the talking and ask them a bunch of questions about details. Last year I even had a bunch of German Is who got in on that. It’s really fun, and I like keeping those pictures over the years–great final video material.


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