Vote for Alike and TPRS!

Here’s a way to get Alike Last (from the Netherlands) to NTPRS!

Dear colleagues,

In the Netherlands I’m participating in a competition for the “Meaningful Profit Award” for companies who have a mission that is of value and interest for lots of people. I’m participating with the mission: “TPR Storytelling, learning languages with pleasure”. If I win this contest I’ll be a.o. able to go to the NTPRS this year, which I’d really love to do soooooooooo much!

There is already someone with almost 1200 votes, and I’m now at 70 votes, so still a way to go… But if you all vote for me & TPR Storytelling, we can break the record!

Voting will only cost you one minute! You can only vote once!

The site is in Dutch, but I’ll explain the steps to take (perhaps it’s best to print this?):

1. please go to:

2. choose: “TPR Storytelling – Taal leren met plezier!” (= TPRS, language learning with pleasure)

3. click below on the left at the pink : Klik om te stemmen (= Click to vote)

3. a small pop-up will open, and you’ll read :
Stemmen (= vote)
jouw beoordeling: (= choose your rating with your mouse; the most right and highest bar means a rating from 10 out of 10, and that is the highest score)
jouw e-mailadres: (= fill in your email address)

4. After filling in your rating and your email address, you click at:
Stem nu (= vote now)

5. A new pop-up will open and if everything went well you can read:
Resultaat (= result)
Je stem is succesvol verstuurd. Help je favoriet door het idee te delen op Facebook, Linkedin en Twitter (= Your vote is successfully sent. Help your favorite by sharing the idea at Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter)

There is one page with information in Dutch about the reason why I participate. In short: because TPR Storytelling is one of the most effective ways & the most funny and pleasant way to acquire world languages (and even sign language); for as well teachers as students.

Show your involvement by voting! I’m very grateful if you’ll vote for this idea! Winning will mean national interest in my country for TPRS, because the competition is co-organized by one of our biggest national newspapers and it will be the first time that the entire country can hear/read on a large scale about TPRS.

If I’d win I can thank you all personally in Saint Louis! (DV). Thanks a lot for your help by voting!

Best wishes,
Alike Last (pronounced “Alica”)
The Netherlands

One response to “Vote for Alike and TPRS!

  1. If you have more than one address, you can keep voting! I’ve got in there three times now.


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