Mafia game

The Russian kids taught me a new game, though it turned out that the American kids knew it already, and now I think that someone has commented on it here or on another TPRS site. It’s called “Mafia,” and involves voting for who in the group “killed” someone. There’s a doctor who can bring people back to life, and another character who can keep someone from having a vote. I don’t totally get the game, but the kids were able to play it in either language. What I liked was that the leader would say, “The Mafia wakes up. The Mafia chooses their victim. The Mafia goes to sleep.” And then basically the same for other groups. I think this would work really well right in the part of Poor Anna where the girls are waking up at a particular time (don’t know if that’s only in the Russian version). One could figure out how to work a bunch of the regular verbs into the repeated patter of the leader.

I could see rewriting it to have a different crime — such as stealing the chocolate cookies from the lunch room — and maybe making up some other pieces, so that it wouldn’t be so violent. A quick Internet search says that there’s one teacher at least who lost her job over this game. My kids always assure me they’re not touched by violence/sex/etc in games and movies, but I know I am, so I limit probably a little more than is even necessary most often.


2 responses to “Mafia game

  1. Yes!! I’ve played this game many times with my classes and they love it! I like the idea of using different crimes. I’ve always stuck with murders simply because it didn’t occur to me that I could do otherwise. You’re a genius!


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