It’s a new year!

Tomorrow is a work day at school, so I want to get my course handouts together. I would really love something that would zing everyone and get them excited. The kids who are heading into their fourth year with me particularly need something to shake them up a bit.

I am thinking of giving out Karen Lichtman’s research article on TPRS from the 2011 NTPRS download page, or maybe adapting Angie’s letter from our Anchorage Ning. (Let me know in comments if you want an invitation to that, by the way–I will have your e-mail automatically.) I hate these decisions, and I also know that as a parent, I really didn’t want to read the same old, same old.

I’m considering showing the radio Moscow page to my beginners to show them how much Russian they can figure out from the get-go (a suggestion from Laurie Iudin-Nelson), and then doing the Scott/Ben “circling with balls” around the theme of music, since that’s where a lot of my energy comes from.

For my upper (mixed) levels, I might start with a song “I’m not afraid” (sorry; not translated, but it’s a really cute song) — it includes getting to know classmates, practicing the reflexive verb “to be afraid,” and singing along to an adorable video. And maybe I’ll tell one of the jokes that Bryce suggested, or find one to go with the “afraid of” vocabulary. Anyone know some??


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